Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Coffee for Non-Snobs

Coffee. It is what fuels western civilization. There are those who say that coffee in undrinkable unless if it is made with Kona beans, or Jamaica Blue Mountain, or something similarly expensive. There is some truth to this. However, most of the time the reason that a cup of coffee is undrinkable has nothing to do with the coffee. Here are three simple rules for making a decent cup of wake-up juice. They will not save coffee made with Safeway Bargain Blend, but failing to follow any one of these rules can make even the best beans taste like industrial sludge. First, use clean equipment. Nothing destroys the taste of coffee quite like yesterday's coffee does. Use hot water and mild soap to clean your equipment after each use. Do not let old coffee or grounds sit in the pot. Clean up immediately. Second, use water that tastes good. There is no need to go to extremes, like using distilled water, but if you don't like the taste of the water on its own, you will not like the taste of it in coffee. Third, use a china cup or ceramic mug. Never drink coffee from a paper, styrofoam, or metal cup, unless if you are in the mood for the taste of paper, styrofoam, or metal. One should taste the coffee, not the mug. That is it. Follow these three rules and most coffee will taste good.


Tara said...

So, where do you stand on the green coffee bean debate? Are you a home roaster?

jaqpike said...

i find a metal cup to be pretty good, sorta like camping coffee, plus it works best on my little coffee warmer pad beside the computer...whereas those big ceramic mugs don't stay warm, and the coffee cools within seconds... perhaps we need little microchipped heated cups
and yeah, plastic Tim Horton's specials, though useful, make your coffee taste like instant