Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yummy Yummy Sandwich

I found an idea for a sandwich in a promotional calendar from my local grocery store. I eat a lot of sandwiches since they are about the only thing that I know how to make to put in my lunch bag for work, so I tend to get bored with my menu. When I saw this idea I decided to try it out. The first thing that I did was bake a loaf of bread. It was generic white bread except that I used half white flour and half semolina flour to insert a bit of variety into my life. Once the bread was made I made the sandwich by adding these ingredients onto a slice of the bread.

  • guacamole, spread reasonably generously
  • a couple of slices of smoked turkey
  • a layer of spinach leaves
  • a slice of havarti cheese
  • a sprinkling of fresh chopped dill weed, not too much
  • sliced cucumbers

That's it. I have been eating this for lunch all week, but now the turkey has run out so I need to think of something else for tomorrow's lunch.

1 comment:

Creatific said...

That sounds tasty. I will have to grow dill and cucumbers this year, and try it out. It probably hinges on having the right bread, I bet.